jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

5 o´clock tea with María Inés as a special guest

                María Inés Jimenez  has returned  to Santa Fe after teaching Spanish in the United States for a year. She also took courses at a prestigious American college where  she was able to specialize  in literature and other  academic areas . It is therefore no  wonder that she has brought a wealth of firsthand experience to Santa Fe . It is great to have María Inés with us once more and we expect that she will be able to get used to Santa Fe again as it must have been hard for her to leave behind  the new friends she made in Vermont, Boston, New York and other places she visited.
On July  13th, the teachers from the North Institute gave Maria Inés a hearty welcome  and  invited  her to a tea party held at Adrián´s home. There were sandwiches and cakes and there was also some room for a little Bailey , a typical Irish drink. Everybody had a lot of tea but only one small glass of Irish Cream . It seems that the teachers from the North Institute are moderate when it comes to drinking

As everybody knows, tea is a special event in English speaking countries, so here is a typical rhyme that you may enjoy.

Funny story!!

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